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No insurance? Frustrated with dental insurance?

The Smart Smile Plan gives patients a great alternative to insurance, which is often expensive and doesn't cover much. This is BETTER than insurance! The Smart Smile Plan is an annual package of preventive dental care that includes significant savings.

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A year of excellent preventive dental care and great savings!

  • Two exams
  • An emergency exam
  • Annual x-rays
  • Two fluoride treatments
  • Vouchers worth 50% off each cleaning
  • 15% discount on all other dental services provided in our office
  • A $50 annual treatment credit, which is bankable if not used
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Estimates show that less than 70% of insurance premiums go to your care. The rest goes to the administrative costs of the insurance company. By cutting out insurance, we can offer better care and prices to our patients. Plus, there are no limitations, waiting periods, or denials of care. Most patients who pay dental insurance premiums come out ahead on our plan, and we don't have to wrestle with insurance companies. Patients who usually pay cash get amazing savings too! Ask us to run the numbers for you!

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This plan is specific to our office

You are always welcome to seek care wherever you wish, but to take advantage of the membership plan, care must be received in our office. 

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Good question!

Patients pay a set fee to join the plan, plus 50% of each teeth cleaning. We do it this way to comply with state regulations. 

For new patients: $400/year + 50% of each teeth cleaning
For continuing patients: $350/year + 50% of each teeth cleaning
For kids under 14: $300/year + 50% of each teeth cleaning

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Plan membership offers significant savings. Every person's situation is different, so let us run the numbers to show you the difference between what you're paying now (either in premiums or to another dental office) and what your costs would be as part of our plan. 

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Just a few things . . . 

The membership is good one year from your first visit. You must pay at the time of service. There are no refunds for unused benefits. You must remain an active member of the plan to receive the benefits.